Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Tyrant King strides out

Here's a drawing not long completed of that old favourite Tyrannosaurus rex. This most iconic of dinosaurs played a big part in our trip to the US last year as we saw fossils and found them in the field, saw Sue in Chicago and Stan at the Black Hills Institute, which was a pilgrimage we made as we often pop in to town visit the magnificent cast of Stan that Phil Manning brought to Manchester Museum, and seeing the real thing was a real thrill, and I found standing in front of the actual fossil quite emotional. Mind you, I was quite emotional about many of the fossils I saw on our trip...

The Manchester cast has informed the pose I decided to draw the dinosaur in although I've tilted the head and lowered the raised leg a little.

The image was drawn on Bristol board and photoshopped onto a scan of a page from a notebook which has nice texture but too rough for this sort of drawing. A bit of tweaking in Photoshop (levels and adding some tonal variation to the background, no retouching of the drawing itself) and it's done.

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