Monday 24 November 2014

Tracking Dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight: Paper and SVP 2014 poster

I thought I'd upload an image of the poster I presented at the SVP 2014 in Berlin earlier this month.  The poster features some of the research discussed in a paper that was part of the special edition of The Biological Journal of the Linnean Society that was inspired by the successful Celebrating Dinosaur Island: Jehol-Wealden meeting held last year at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (see my write-up here). This paper, entitled Tracking Dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight: a review of tracks, sites, and current research (Pond et al, 2014) is a review of dinosaur ichnology on the Isle of Wight and looks at both tracks and sites. It came as a shock to realise many of these sites had never  been written up and although they had been mentioned in a couple of book chapters Martill and Naish 2001 and Batten 2011) they had been pretty much ignored.

Also discussed in the paper was the presence of the thyreophoran ichnotaxa Tetrapodosaurus and Deltapodus, the latter having been assigned in a poster by Belvedere et al (2012) and which is interpreted as a having been made by a stegosaur. As Tetrapodosaurus is considered as having been made by an ankylosaurian track maker it seems possible there was more going on with thyreophorans in the Wessex Sub-Basin than was previously thought . . .

This paper was very much a team effort and big thanks to my co-authors Neffra Matthews, Brent Breithaupt, Martin Lockley and Jeremy Lockwood. I co-authored a couple of other papers with Martin, Jeremy and Lida Xing and all can be had from the link to the BJLS above (Unfortunately the papers are behind a paywall but if you want a copy of any of them then drop me a line and I'll send one on).

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Martill D, Naish D. 2001. Dinosaur trace fossils: footprints, coprolites and gastroliths. In: Martill D, Naish D, eds. Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight. London: Field Guide to Fossils No. 10: Palaeontological Association, 310–323.

Pond S, Lockley MG, Lockwood JAF, Breithaupt B, Matthews N. 2014. Tracking dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight: a review of tracks, sites, and current research. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 113: 737–757.