Thursday, 3 March 2011

Creating a classic . . .

The chaps over at SV-POW have posted an excellent article on the creation of their almost-iconic-already image of Brontomerus in collaboration with artist Francisco Gascó: Genesis of an instant palaeo-art classic. For those curious as to how science and art can work together this is an essential read, and the positive reaction to the image shows how good paleo-art can play an important role in education and bringing science to the attention of the mainstream media; for better or worse we live in a world where good visual communication has become a vital part of any palaeontologists toolbox. It's great to see the production sketches (even 3D artists still use pencil and paper) and have a look at the way the model developed and was refined.

If the article over at SV-POW has piqued your interest in the restoration of ancient life using modern computer techniques such as 3D modelling and compositing, then check back here for my occasional series on building a 3D Triceratops, which will go into the process in much more detail as I build a dinosaur from scratch.

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