Friday, 29 March 2013

Scientific illustration: Cell schematic

Generic human cell illustration. Click to embiggen.

I've recently been working on a piece that I thought might be of interest to readers of this blog as although it's not palaeontology, who can resist a bit of biology?

This is a 3D model created in entirely in Maxon's excellent Cinema4D of a cell that is gracing the front page of my day job website (, and is a schematic of a generic human cell showing the basic structures and organelles commonly present in many cells. This could be animated or labelled is needed.

Next on the personal learning curve is getting to grips with Maya, one of the real heavy-hitters in the world of 3D modelling with a learning curve to match. Exciting stuff!

I hope you like the illustration.


  1. very cool, Stu.
    If I may ask, why Maya? there are certainly more efficient modelers outs there, and geometry can be transfered fairly certainly anywhere to anywhere.

  2. Thanks Evan!

    David - I'm going to learn Maya mainly because many researchers are already using it and it will prove useful for my commercial work. I'm looking at doing some simulation work and C4D is not really geared towards that, being better for motion graphics.

  3. Hi Stu,

    I am a PhD student at University of Bath. May I use your fabulous cell illustration at the event called Research Afternoon (link:

    Do you mind if they record my talk including your illustration?