Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Baryonyx - updated sketch

After the useful comments on the morphology of my last effort (what was I thinking with that neck?) posted on the last entry, here's an updated version of my Baryonyx rough sketch, which I've managed to do whilst waiting for 3D renders. I've actually altered a few parts of the sketch, including the forearms and some skull elements as well as giving the neck the proper proportions and used Sereno's 1998 paper on Suchomimus tenerensis, which as mentioned in the last post is now considered a junior synonym of Baryonyx walkeri. Sorry for the ropey scan.

The sketch isn't actually complete, as I need to add another animal . . . who did you think me laddo is snarling at?


A Long-Snouted Predatory Dinosaur from Africa and the Evolution of Spinosaurids. Sereno, P. et al


  1. A Spinosaurus telling it he is going to be in JP4 :p

  2. What about another Suchomimus? Perhaps there's drama over the other's fish, or perhaps this guy wants to cannabalize some mother Sucho's chicks. Intraspecies conflict is sexy.

  3. I'm not giving the game away . . . ;-)