Friday, 18 March 2011

Work, teeth and tiny Irish dinosaurs

Not much time to post this week due to the large amount of work I've had in, problems with a cyst in my upper jaw that led to a Marathon-man style tooth removal ordeal (despite the attempts of my excellent dentist to avoid such a scenario), and a trip over the Irish Sea to Dublin to enjoy the ambience of that wonderful city and the hospitality of the locals which always lives up to it's reputation.  Apart from the Guinness and The Porterhouse the highlights were a return trip to see the incredible Book of Kells at Trinity College, along with it's attendant exhibition which features excellent and informative AV exhibits as well as artifacts, plus the music in O'Donoghues which was superb. I must try illustrating dinosaurs in that celtic style . . .

I didn't expect to find anything pertaining to dinosaurs on our trip as Ireland is dinosaur-free, so imagine my delight when I found this little chap recumbent on the pavement in St Stephen's Green:

An Irish dinosaur. He is rather wee.

Not the best picture, but this little geezer is now sitting atop my monitor between a similarly sized velociraptor and Triceratops skeleton. Judging by the thumb spikes he's an Iguanodon.  Result!

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  1. Cute little Iguanodon!

    One question: I'm having a real problem finding your email! I'm Peter with ART Evolved, and our email is If you could email us, that would be great!